Grasses are an integral component of the perennial landscape. They provide long-season interest with summer foliage, fall flowers, and a dried winter appeal. They are very disease resistant and require little maintenance.

Our dormant grasses are potted in 3.5" pots, packed 24/tray. They are 1-year old plants, fully rooted, with large crowns ready to explode in spring.

Plant: Make sure pots are adequately moist prior to planting. Pots that are too dry when potting may struggle to absorb enough moisture to stimulate growth, especially in hot weather. Spread out any spiraled roots for quicker growth.

Grow: Use a well-drained soil that has good water-retention with a pH of 6 - 6.5. Most grasses grow best in moist soil but do not tolerate being too wet.

Temperatures: Grasses require warm temperatures, especially Miscanthus, in order to break dormancy. Grow in a greenhouse at a minimum 60F. Cool season grasses, such as Calamagrostis, Festuca, Helictotrichon, and Phalaris, can be grown cooler if so desired. If growing outside or in a cold frame, please delay your order until outside temperatures have warmed accordingly.

Light Levels: Grow in full sun, minimum 5000 foot candles. Too much shade will cause most grasses to stretch and become leggy.

Water: Keep evenly moist until growth appears. Once established, grasses can be allowed to dry out between watering.

Fertilizer: Grasses are moderate to heavy feeders. Once actively growing, feed with 100 - 200 ppm Nitrogen for best growth.

Early Flowering: Most grasses are long day plants and are marketed in spring without flowers. For quicker growth and earlier flowering, provide long days and grow at 68 - 72F.

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