Lilium - Asiatic Pot Lily Looks™ 'Patio Spring Combo'

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Mixture of pink, white, & purple lilies for 10" patio containers, plant 5 bulbs per pot.

  •  · Mixture of pink, white, and purple flowers
  •  · 8-9 weeks average grow time
  •  · Plant 3 per one gallon pot
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14-16 in



Lilium - Asiatic Pot Lily Looks™ 'Patio Spring Combo'
Lily Looks™ 'Patio Spring Combo'


Sun Tolerant
Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade

Nature Attraction

Attracts Hummingbirds


Good Container Plant
Good Cut Flower / Foliage

Season of Interest (Flowering)

Late Spring / Early Summer
Late Summer

Lilium - Asiatic Pot Lily Looks™

New generation of pot lilies which are genetically short,  can be grown all year round, and are available in a full range of colors.  In particular, these varieties have been selected for their higher flower production, their reduced sensitivity to leaf scorching and bud abortion, and their shorter forcing periods.  These characteristics make LiLy Looks the ideal pot lily , especially for scheduling multiple crops in spring and throughout the year.  Call for more specific forcing information.