Lilies are very hardy perennials and multiply year after year when planted in the garden. Shorter varieties also make excellent pot plants. Lilies are available in a wide selection of colors, heights, bloom times, and flower shapes. Extend your selling season by ordering multiple ship dates and having them in bloom spring thru fall.

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Upon Arrival:  Lily bulbs are stored frozen. Ensure they are properly thawed prior to planting. Separate frozen crates for more uniform thawing.

Hint:  Most lilies take 30 days from visible bud to open flower. Market lilies when the first bud shows visible color.

Growth Regulators:  Many commercial PGR's are effective in controlling the height of lilies. There are also many varieties available that are genetically short and do not require PGR's.      

Soil:  Use a well-drained, slightly acidic soil with a pH 5.8- 6.5. Soil should not contain superphosphate or perlite.

Planting Depth:  Plant bulbs near the bottom of the container, leaving 1" of soil below the bulb and 3-4" of soil above the bulb. Lilies develop stem roots at the nodes below the soil. These roots are the primary feeder roots for the plant. If these roots fail to develop properly, uneven or stunted growth will result.

Bulb Postition:  Plant bulb so tip is facing upward. When planting multiple bulbs per pot, space bulbs evenly apart and position bulb tips upward or slightly outward. Take care when filling pots to ensure bulbs do not tip over.

Water:  Keep pots evenly moist but not too wet to ensureproper stem root development. Never allow pots to dry out. Once shoots are 2-3" and stem roots have developed, more frequent watering may be required, otherwise uneven growth may occur.

Fertilizer:  Lilies are light feeders and do not require any fertilization until shoots are 2-3 in. tall. Feed with 100-150 ppm Nitrogen as needed or use controlled release fertilizers.

Temperature:  Grow asiatics at 50-55ºF night and 65-75ºF days. Grow orientals warmer at 55-60ºF night and 70-75ºF days. For best quality, grow pots at 48ºF for the first 10 days to ensure proper stem root development. For summer production, protect pots from direct sun and overheating for the initial 10 days.          

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