Gardenworld, Inc. 
9725 Hemingway Ave. S.
Cottage Grove, MN  55016

Dear Sir or Madam:

In consideration of your extending credit to or continuing the credit of the above Customer, each of the undersigned, jointly and severally, hereby guarantees and becomes surety for payment of all sums of money owing to you by the Customer from time to time.

This Agreement shall continue in effect until you receive written notice that is terminated and until all sums of money then owing are paid.

This Agreement shall be and remain in every particular available to your successors and assigns. The liability of each of the undersigned hereunder is absolute, continuing, and unconditional and unlimited and you shall not be required to proceed against the Buyer or any collateral securing any obligation or against any other guarantor, before proceeding against the undersigned or any of them.

Notice of the acceptance of this Agreement, notice of sums owing by the Buyer from time to time, and notice of any default are waived. Renewals and extensions without notice to the undersigned are agreed to.

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    • Signer fully agrees with all terms and conditions of this application, as well as gives authorization for the release of pertinent information from the above cited references for the determination of credit with Gardenworld, Inc.

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