Lilium - Asiatic Lily 'Secret Kiss'

Silky, reddish-black petals with orange anthers on strong, dark stems; June flowering. 85 days to force.

  •  · Reddish-black flowers
  •  · Dark stems
  •  · June flowering
Recommended Substitution
Lilium - Asiatic Lily Landini

Lilium - Asiatic Lily 'Landini'

Dark purple-red to almost black, one of the darkest lily blossoms; will stand out in the garden. Produces 3-6 flowers per stem.

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24-36 in



Lilium - Asiatic Lily 'Secret Kiss'
Lilium - Asiatic Lily 'Secret Kiss'


Sun Tolerant
Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade

Soil Moisture Needs

Average Soil


Mass Plant
Good Container Plant
Good Cut Flower / Foliage

Season of Interest (Flowering)

Late Spring / Early Summer

Lilium - Asiatic Lily

Lilies are very hardy perennials and multiply year after year when planted in the garden. They are available in a wide selection of colors, heights, bloom time, and flower shapes. Extend your selling season by ordering with multiple ship dates and having them in bloom spring thru fall. Grow lilies at 55-60F night temperatures. Plant bulbs near the bottom of the container. Lilies develop roots along the stem and need 3-4"of soil above the bulb to develop properly. Keep evenly moist.